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Genre: Dance
Lenght: 3:43
Tracks: 1
Release: 12 September 2019

In 2017 Jeroen and I released our first single in 3 years, exclusively on Soundcloud. We decided to create a song that started kindly and built towards a big drop near the end. The song got titled "Comeback", and the overall reaction was that people didn't care a lot about the kind part, but instead wanted to go all in on the dance-part.

Fast forward to today, as Jeroen and I are close to releasing No Jack's first EP. We decided to do more than just include "Comeback" in this EP. We wanted to listen to the comments and reworked the song from the ground up to be the bass-driven song people wanted it to be. Give it a listen, even if you already know the original. You might just be surprised!

In honor of the song from 2017, and in honor of what’s next for No Jack we decided to give “Comeback” an official release. Right here. Right now. Hit 'em with a comeback.

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