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Genre: Dance
Lenght: 11:40
Tracks: 2
Release: 22 November 2013

"Different" was a part of the "It Might Rain" EP. This EP could be downloaded for one weekend only and contained a number of new concepts, under which this little song, which got a lot more attention than I thought could ever be possible for something that wasn't even finished yet. When the EP got taken down at the end of the weekend I decided to honor Different by completing the song and releasing it. I hope you like these 2 new edits of this 100BPM-song as much as I do!

I created Different while on vacation in Italy last Summer. One evening I decided to not enjoy the warm weather but instead create some music, based on the feeling that my life is taking a turn for the better. Everything's changing, everything's different, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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