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Genre: Trance / Club / Dance
Lenght: 24:37
Tracks: 6
Release: 2011

This is a song that needs little more information. You have to know that I‘ ve been planning to call a song “Love“ from the first moment I started making music, back on 18 April 2007. The reason I never made it was because what I felt wasn‘ t “real“ enough and I wanted this song to be a song that had the right input: real love. And how do you know when you‘re feeling real love? Maybe it‘s just the way she looks at you when you‘re giving her “your cute smile“ again, maybe it‘s the way you can enjoy just doing nothing at all with her. It‘ s a bit different for everyone I suppose, but to me it was love, and it still is to this day. Finally, a song was worth the title "Love".

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