Project D

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Genre: Trance / Club / Dance
Lenght: 21:13
Tracks: 4
Release: 3 January 2011

Project D was one of the last songs that were made for the album. I also didn′t work in my usual way of making a song. Normally I have this feeling, an emotion or an event that is too hard to explain with words. I start building a song based on those emotions or feelings. Most of the times I know the title of a song before I put one note in Logic. But, as earlier said, that wasn′t the case here. When listening to the album in its early stages Joni said that there wasn′t this obvious single on the album. A song which would stand out of the crowd, a song which would give you this "wow omg wtf"-feeling. So I started working on a song codenamed "Project D". Platform D is the platform of which I take my train every morning in Leuven, so I just took that as an inspiration and ran with it. What I did was thinking about what different people in my life listen to and combine that into one song. You have got both strings and trancy synths. In a way Project D is about anyone who is close to me and who is changing me.

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