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Genre: Trance
Lenght: 4:11
Tracks: 1
Release: 18 April 2012

On 18th April 2012 Your Countdown celebrated its 5th birthday, and as usual Michiel tends to give a little something away for the fans of this project to download. Last year he released A Moment In Time 7 months before Sensation-Worldwide did and this year, once again it's something special!

"Universe" is a track that's been made for the upcoming album, Hard To Control. The eighties feel of the track combined with the deep trance elements Your Countdown's used to make create something we haven't heard of this project yet.

Michiel: "Universe is a special track to me, since it's so different from te main feel of the album. It's such a happy tune and I hope that if you listen to it you feel this joy of life. The song itself is based on some recent events that made my life a lot better, also including the different oppertunities Your Countdown's receiving from all kind of different places. I love this track, and as a gift for supporting me through these last 5 years I think this is pretty perfect. I'm sure that, with Liesbeth as a new permanent member on board, Your Countdown will continue to grow beyond anything I can imagine at this point. Thank you so much for everything!"

The cover artwork for this single has been made by Chris Bertjens, and I couldn't thank him enough to let me use this masterpiece. To contact him about his paintings you just have to send a mail to chris.bertjens [at] gmail.com

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