Where I Belong (feat. Michelle Foster)

Your Countdown · Where I Belong (feat. Michelle Foster)
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Genre: Dance
Length: 3:09
Tracks: 1
Release: 18 September 2020

Where I Belong is a song I started working on back in June 2010, 6 months before the release of my first true studio album, Two.Zero. At the time I wrote this song for a side-project of Your Countdown. Due to a lot of reasons I never had the chance to release this song. Until now.

This song is about being lost after a relationship ends abruptly, without any serious warning.

I updated the song from an era 1- to an era 4-production, and had a couple vocalists on the track before I settled on the amazing Michelle Foster, who you should check out too. I didn’t want to change what made me fall in love with this track back in 2010, so most instruments and plug-ins stayed exactly the Same as they were back in time.

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