"Different" To Be Released - 22 November

16 November 2013

It's been a while since I released the "It Might Rain" EP. This EP was downloadable for 1 weekend only and featured a few new concepts which I have been working on. I received a lot of awesome reactions to this EP, in particular about a little song called "Different". People seemed to really like the melodic 100BPM-track I created while I was on vacation.

This takes us back to this moment. I've been working on Different. Quite a lot actually. A lot has changed, though the simple melody that made it catchy stayed the same. It's time to offer it to you again, only this time it will be online for a really long time. On 22 November you will be able to download both the Single Edit and the Extended Edit (8+ minutes) for free on this website! Don't worry if you think that's still a long time from now. You're able to listen to the Single Edit on the homepage and in the next week I'll post a preview on Youtube.

I hope you'll get this one when it comes out next week! Mark your calendars: 22 November - Different.

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