Illegal Downloads and Why They're Bad

19 May 2013

Hey guys,

I just had to fight against the first illegal copy of Frozen Waves on the web and had it taken down.

I don't mind if you listen to the album for free. That's why I put it up on Spotify and Deezer in the first place! The thing is that with these services I get a lot of info on the people that listen to their music, which might be an important aspect to venues when I'm trying to get booked. If you download the album from an illegal source this means you don't "show" your support. Even when you really like the music and even if you refer your friends to my music you remain an invisible fan to those statistics.

If you can spare some money you can get the complete album on iTunes and Amazon, but feel free to listen to your heart's desire both on Spotify and Deezer!

Thank you, have a great weekend!

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