New Music Coming Soon!

25 August 2013


it's pretty late, so I don't want to say a lot of words, but rather just make some quick announcements so that I can go to bed.

First things first: THERE'S A NEW SINGLE COMING OUT NEXT FRIDAY - about damn time. "Trust This Feeling (feat. Paulien and Tijs)" will be available as a free download and will feature 7 tracks. For more info you can head over to the Trust This Feeling miniwebsite on this website. The release of this single was delayed multiple times because I wanted to create a clip to go along with the single. In a perfect world it would've been a perfect fit with the Remember This-video. I did however get some opportunities in different fields which I couldn't deny. Therefore I have to announce that there will be no video for this single. Future singles are not sure to get a clip as well.

Second of all: Quentin Debode had challenged me, a couple of vlogs ago, to remix that particular vlog. This challenge meant to take a break from all the serious stuff that's going on right now and to just "create" something. Though the result is not what I usually make I hope people can see the joke and pleasure that went into this track in the first place. You can download and listen to the song right here.

Third and final. I actually don't really have that one yet. So erm, feel free to browse some more while I try to come up with another one!

Have a good night!

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