"Trust This Feeling (feat. Paulien and Tijs)"" out now as free download!

29 August 2013

Quick update, because 1) I still want to upload the Extended Edit of Trust This Feeling to Youtube, 2) because I don't feel like typing and 3) because I want to play some Skyrim.

As you already know: Trust This Feeling is out as a free single right now! Go get the full single or, if you're not into big downloads (the complete single is 41 minutes), get the single edit from my Soundcloud.

Cool! Second! I'm releasing a new song called "Distance (feat. Delay Tea)" on 5th September (free. Duh.) More info on this release can be found on the info-page on my website!

That's it! Let's start working on single #3! I hope you love Trust This Feeling as much as I did making it. It's a song that took ages to get right. I hope you like what we did with it :)

Tonight the world is ours and we will dance.

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