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20 March 2020

In light of the current Covid-19 crisis all Belgians have gotten strict orders to stay at home, while doctors, nurses, specialists, pharmacists and all the employees in supermarkets are working hard to fight this disease. I personally consider this downtime a time of personal growth, and am planning to take some online classes. However, I don’t only want to use this time to learn, but I would also like to give something to the people who are actively looking for specific content. That’s why I’m working on different things.

For the fans: “YC Live @ Allegria” - Once
Last Saturday I was supposed to open for the female choir Allegria. However, because of the risks involved this concert was cancelled (no word on a new date yet). As a way of thanking everyone who wanted to come out to see me I uploaded the complete set to soundcloud, where it will remain for as long as is needed to fight off this virus. This set does feature some new songs I wasn’t planning on sharing just yet, which is why the set isn’t available as a download.

For the hunters of new music: “Blijf In Uw Kot En Ontdek Nieuwe Muziek” - Daily playlists
As someone who’s actively looking for great new music all the time I wanted to provide a daily playlist in which I showcase the songs that shape my musical world. I aim to create a new, 10-track playlist each day until the measures to fight the virus are lifted. Currently my library holds 9609 tracks, so we can keep this up for a while if necessary. The playlists will be posted to Apple Music, because I’m used to the platform. Don’t have Apple Music? Maybe now’s the time to get that free trial? Apart from my playlists I can strongly recommend the internet radio show “Time Crisis”, hosted by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig with a great group of people. The 100+ episodes each lasting 2 hours will throw a regular smile on your face. It does to me anyway! My personal favorite to dip into the TCU is episode 70. Not convinced you’d like to try Apple Music? The playlists can be previewed via the links I share each day. Check the songs out, and add the ones you find interesting manually to the service you like best! The playlists will be shared on Facebook & Twitter each day.

For the curious: “Livestreams” - Irregular timing
While we have to stay at home I’m planning to continue working on album 4. I want to try and make livestreams work to involve you in the proces of how I create my music. However, I need to find a way to only transmit the internal audio and all that stuff. This requires a bit more testing. I don’t know if I can make it happen, and if I can: on which network I’ll host the livestream. Facebook or Youtube seem the most likely at the moment. I understand that following this livestream will spoil part (if not all) of the upcoming album, but if that’s how I can help you get through this period I gladly give up the element op surprise. This stream is meant for the people who don’t just like music, but also want to understand how a creative approaches this process. I don’t intend to delete videos once the stream is over. Do follow me on all social networks to learn more about if, how & when these livestreams happen.

Together we stand strong, and I ask you to showcase your talent as well! Take this time to grow as a person, but also seize the opportunity to teach and entertain. Be kind to each other, stay healthy and last but not least: don’t panic.

Much love,

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