Frozen Waves Release: Live @ Rumba

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Release: 3 May 2013

Old Stuff
01: Project D
02: Universe
03: In My Head (Your Countdown Remix) - Jason Derulo
04: 20 Years Of Nostalgia
05 A Moment In Time
06: Like A G6 (Your Countdown Remix) - Far East Movement feat. Cataracs & Dev
07: One More Week Of Agony To Be With You
08: Give Me Some Time
09: Smack That Bitch (feat. Jeroen) [Dubstep/VIP/+Ryblack Trap Edit/2012 Single Edit]

New stuff
10: Make It Count
11: Skip It
12: Ice Cream
13: Speak Up
14: Remember This (feat. Lies)
15: Anti-Love
16: Alter-Ego
17: Virus
18: Awake (feat. Hannah)
19: Earth In Harmony (feat. Hannah & Paulien)
20: ADD (feat +Ryblack)
21: Sleeping City (Still Too Loud For Me)
22: Blue Sky, Don't Let Me Go (Part 1) [feat. Paulien]
23: Blue Sky, Don't Let Me Go (Part 2) [feat. Paulien]
24: Trust This Feeling (feat. Paulien)

Bis1: Spot On (feat. Hannah)
Bis2: Stronger With You
Bis3: Love
Bis4: If I Lose Myself (Your Countdown Remix) - OneRepublic

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