Your Countdown combines electronica and symphonic elements since 18th April 2007. YC's driven by Michiel Vossen, who's currently working on his 4th studio album, which will be called "Velvet Skies". No harm in saying that right here, since I doubt anybody even reads a bio. If you do, now you know! Why not let me know you know, and I'll give you a new song in return.

"To me it's all about a story. Each song has to correspond to a certain emotion or story. I've never been driven by commercial styles and I'm never shy to throw symphonical tracks on an electro-album. I have a passion for multiple genres and I don't want to box myself in. Maybe Your Countdown could’ve been multiple steps ahead if I were to specialize in one particular genre or if I were to follow musical trends, but this has never been a personal goal."

Your Countdown will continue to march on, appreciating every opportunity that comes across its path.

"I really hope you enjoy everything you can find on this website. It's made with the purest of love."