Velvet Skies

Everything about the upcoming album

14 October 2020

Damage Done

Damage Done (feat. Anneleen Roesems). Official release everywhere!

5 October 2020

Damage Done

Here are 3 minutes of the future ...

2 October 2020

Behind The Track

We dive into the 'Where I Belong' project file and discover what makes the song.

17 September 2020

Where I Belong

Where I Belong (feat. Michelle Foster) - Lyric Video

3 September 2020

Listen to the new album

Listen to the new album while I wait for Telenet to pick up their phone ...

1 September 2020

Working on Album 4

Live stream

29 August 2020

Production timeline?

23 July 2020


12 songs are instrumentally almost finished. 6 other numbers to go. 5 vocals have yet to be recorded.

2 July 2020

What I Feel

Exclusive first listen of 'What I Feel'

20 June 2020

New era

The fourth era has begun!

6 May 2020

Status update

23 April 2020

You & I

New songs are being made!