One Night Only

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Genre: Electro
Lenght: 1:24:53
Tracks: 13
Release: 18 April 2016

6 years ago, we’ve started following a boy who decided to go all-in for what should be the love of his young and naive life. Two.Zero became an over-the-top happy album. 3 years ago we’ve met with this boy again. He’s had his heart broken by love and didn’t really know which way to turn to next. Frozen Waves did this feeling justice. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and genres. It was not knowing what tomorrow would bring, and not knowing how to feel with every new experience.

Let’s meet again. “One Night Only” doesn’t span multiple months, like Two.Zero. It doesn’t span multiple days, like Frozen Waves. It spans one night. Just one night. 8PM - 8AM. One. Night. Only.

The evening starts out, with feelings for a special girl. Though the feeling that she’s unlike most of us is surrounded by the spirits of his earlier failures. The boy is afraid to open up again, afraid of the possibility of gaining new scars. Is it worth to feel somewhere safe, while you have to keep thinking about how you might get hurt? Slowly the night is passing. He’s fighting to stay awake, to keep talking to this girl and he’s feeling better and closer to her than he ever imagined he could. His mind is empty. Could she join him in this crazy idea? Could it be someone who makes every other person that ever entered his life fade with a joy of life unknown to him?

She feels different to him. Her eyes laugh, her smile shines brighter than all the stars they’re finding themselves under. It’s weird to feel this safe, yet his inner child’s enthusiasm can’t be contained. He goes in for the kiss.

Dawn comes too fast. The 2 people, who entered the night with their own identity leave it as lovers. They have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If only they trust each other and remember to live life, love lasts.

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