Live @ Kultuurkaffee

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Genre: Electro / Trance / Dubstep / Ambient / Dutch House
Lenght: 71:54
Tracks: 15
Release: 6 June 2012

It's been a while, but finally after more than a year of not doing any public gigs Your Countdown had a chance to play a 30-minute liveset at the "Kultuurkaffee" in Brussels.

In my attempt to show as much as I possibly could I tried to provide a 30-minute liveset that combines everything there is to Your Countdown. In my opinion there's a perfect ballance between new material and older songs that pushed Your Countdown to new heights. The fact that the audience asked for 3 encores may suggest that I succeeded in my only goal on that evening: to have a good time with people and share a love for music, more intense than anything I've ever felt before.

The release includes every song of the mix individually, the 30-minute set as a continuous mix and the 3 encores as bonus tracks.

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