Your Countdown Live @ Belgian Youtube Gathering #3

06 January 2014

Great news! In about 3 weeks I'll be performing @ the 3rd Belgian Youtube Gathering! It's a great opportunity if you've missed the presentation of Frozen Waves last year, since this set will be even longer than the one I played at Rumba!

What else is planned? Well, first of all a lot of famous Belgian and Dutch Youtubers will give an insight in their way of creating content, the first ever live set by +Ryblack and the presentation of "Tubers", the anthem I have created for this event. This anthem will also be released as a free download soon after the event has finished. Did I mention I'll give away free downloads of Frozen Waves to anyone who wants one?

That's pretty much everything that has been confirmed at this moment! Tickets cost 6€ a piece and the event takes place from 1PM until 6PM at Club Montreal (Naamsestraat 34, 3000 Leuven). For more updates you can head over to the event page on Facebook. Read more about the event itself on Quentin Debode's blog.

I hope to see you all there, I'm really looking forward to playing some old and some Frozen Waves, but most importantly, to try out 10+ more new songs.

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